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Cryostar, manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. Proposes cryogenic pumps, centrifugal compressor for Industrial Gas, Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrocarbons and Clean Energy
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Centrifugal blowers


  Every year natural gas is becoming increasingly important in energy markets. Cryostar’s centrifugal compressors operate both on sites where natural gas is processed (export and import terminals) and on sites where natural gas is used for power generation. According to the application, machines incorporating integral gears with one- to four-stage compressors are available.

The downstream petrochemical industry requires blowers for situations such as ethylene plants. The blowers raise gas pressure to the required level.

Single or multi-stage motor driven centrifugal blowers (For BOG and ethylene applications)
Cryostar selects the shaft seal arrangement of the centrifugal blower based on the specific process requirements. A large variety of seals and configuration is available. The auxiliary equipment, such as the oil lubrication system, is manufactured to Cryostar standards, according to customer requirement, or to other standard such as API 614.

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