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Cryostar, manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. Proposes cryogenic pumps, centrifugal compressor for Industrial Gas, Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrocarbons and Clean Energy Cryostar, compamder
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  Cryostar, compamderDepending on the application a single machine might both expand and compress the gas. One good example is in the N2 refrigeration cycle dedicated to natural gas liquefaction. Cryostar offers compander technology (for instance three warm compressor stages and one cryogenic expansion turbine stage on a common single gearbox). This integrated machine concept has a proven track record, having been in operation since 1996 when Cryostar first implemented in air separation plants.

Combination of expander and compressor in a single machine, integrally geared design (example: One-stage expander, three-stage compressor)
The compander has an integrally geared design with one or more expansion stage and one or more compressor stage. As the gas expansion does not provide enough power to drive the compressors, an electrical motor is incorporated to provide the additional power. For instance in the ECOREL process (on board boil off gas reliquefaction system provided by Cryostar for the largest ever built Q-Max series LNG carriers), the motor is driven by a 6MW variable frequency drive.

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