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Cryostar, manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. Proposes cryogenic pumps, centrifugal compressor for Industrial Gas, Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrocarbons and Clean Energy
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Environmental analysis & action




CRYOSTAR used environmental analysis, a structured tool to assess the company’s impact. The different steps in this approach are:

Step 1: CRYOSTAR identifies environmental aspects according to the environmental themes corresponding to incoming/outgoing flows.

Step 2: CRYOSTAR evaluates environmental aspects according to different criteria and scoring grids suited to the specifics of environmental themes, with sensitivity to the external context, compliance with regulations, and CRYOSTAR’s global impact.

Step 3: CRYOSTAR ranks the environmental aspects to determine their significance.

Step 4: CRYOSTAR identifies impact sources and contributory activities.

Steps 5: CRYOSTAR produces an environmental report, defining its objectives and targets.


The environmental analysis identifies the following meaningful impacts:

Energy consumption: the two main sources of energy used by CRYOSTAR are electricity (80% for its machinery testing activities) and natural gas (100% dedicated to heating). The main impact is direct depletion of a natural resource, as well as impacts linked with energy production and use.

Waste production: because CRYOSTAR’s activities mainly comprise the assembly of equipment supplied worldwide, the main waste resource is spare parts packaging. The main impacts are depletion of natural resources, as well as various types of pollution linked with waste processing.

Raw materials: CRYOSTAR systematically tests all equipment manufactured on-site. This operation consumes large quantities of liquid nitrogen. Here, the main impacts are not linked with the risk of natural resource depletion, but with the production (energy consumption) and transport of this product.

Noise: inherent to our testing activities, noise is subject to regular checking, in compliance with applicable regulations. The main impact, sound pollution, remains negligible in the context of the site’s industrial environment.

Other impacts (atmospheric pollution, water consumption, etc.) are considered negligible considering our activity and the applicable regulatory requirements.

This summary presents only the direct impacts of the activity at CRYOSTAR’s Hésingue site, while omitting impacts related with transport (goods, persons, etc.), which we do not fully control.


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