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Cryostar, manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. Proposes cryogenic pumps, centrifugal compressor for Industrial Gas, Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrocarbons and Clean Energy Cryostar, hydrocarbon processing / turboexpander
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Hydrocarbon products / Turboexpanders


  Cryostar, hydrocarbon processing / turboexpanderFor more than 30 years Cryostar has been recognized as a world leader for its superior product quality in radial inflow expansion turbine technology, pumps, and LNG boil off gas compressors.

Since Cryostar began in 1966 manufacturing cryogenic pumps and followed with the production of its first turbine in 1974, Cryostar’s focus and expertise has been to supply customers’ turbo-machines with the highest efficiency ensuring economical and reliable operations. These products are dedicated to the natural gas treatment, LNG and petrochemical industries.

Cryostar’s innovative drive and continued commitment to invest in and develop its world-class engineering skills has moved the company to the forefront of technological development in all its product lines. Every machine is designed using state-of-the-art technology to ensure each customer the very best in product design. With a policy of commitment to excellence, Cryostar has earned its position as a world leader.

The results of Cryostar’s policies are clear: companies have put their trust in Cryostar to supply turbo-expanders for many world-scale projects in the Middle East, the North Sea and Africa. Cryostar’s success is explained by its commitment to clients’ and partners’ needs in:
Basic engineering phase and FEED design.
Customized design incorporating API and other high quality standards and strict customer requirements.
Continuous innovation and development in the use of magnetic bearings, liquid turbo-expanders and LNG reliquifaction systems.
Total lifetime customer support.

The range:
Turbo-expanders for natural gas processing and petrochemical industries.
Liquid expanders

Centrifugal blowers


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