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Peak Shaving & Satellite Plants



The peak shaving system allows storing and supplying natural gas on demand in case of increasing gas consumption, or lack of gas supply from the natural gas grid.

These systems usually require very high flows, as well as medium to high pressure. Once the LNG is pressurized, it is sent to the vaporizers before being injected into the grid.

As part of our LNG systems portfolio, Cryostar is offering, trailer unloading pumps, booster pumps, reciprocating high pressure pumps, as well as complete PLC controls solutions and cryogenic process consultancy in order to meet customer requirements in terms of plant performances and reliability. Cryostar has already participated in some key project in countries such as South America, Europe, and North America.

For the highest demand, the HPP pump in quintuplex execution can pass up to 300 GPM (1135 L/min) with an output pressure of 10’000 PSI (689 bars).

For large flow applications Cryostar can complete its offer with additional booster centrifugal pumps providing sufficient NPSH at the high-pressure pump inlet.

The range:
HPP -Download the data sheet (.pdf)
MRP -Download the data sheet (.pdf)
LDPD – Download the data sheet (.pdf)
SUBTRAN – Download the data sheet (.pdf)
VS – Download the data sheet (.pdf)
Centrifugal Pump skid – Download the data sheet (.pdf)


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