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Cryostar, manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. Proposes cryogenic pumps, centrifugal compressor for Industrial Gas, Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrocarbons and Clean Energy
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Research and development


  Cryostar is a recognised technology leader. Conscious of the importance of technology in industry, Cryostar has developed a structure dedicated to research and development. Thanks to its R&D team, Cryostar develops solutions adapted to customer needs, while constantly improving existing products.

Recent Cryostar innovations (2000 – 2009)

Automatic CNG fuelling station for filling NGVs (natural gas vehicles)

Development of a new range of MCP (modular centrifugal process) pumps

Extension of our range of VP (vertical process) pumps for LOX – 130 bars and 12 stages

VP pumps with dual gas seal for syngas applications

VFD (variable frequency drive) driven trailer transfer pump range

Development of new MRP (modular reciprocating pump) range

Improvement of our seal technology (gas riding seal for pumps, floating carbon ring seal for boil-off gas compressors, dry gas seal for special applications)

Extension of API turbine range with modular TC 300, TC 400, TC 500 and TC 600 for hydrocarbon processing with pressurized lube oil system to API 614

Extension of magnetic bearings turbine range with MTC 500 and MTC 600

Development of TC 120 turbines for biogas and clean fuels applications

EcoREL, patented LNG carriers re-liquefaction system for boil-off gas

EcoBOT, patented boil-off gas treatment system for shipboard service

6.5 bar boil-off gas compressors for LNG carriers with dual fuel diesel-electric propulsion

Hydrogen fuel pumps and fuelling station

Wasted energy power recovery turbines range extension for power up to 12 MW

Simplex, triplex and qintuplex HPP 75/110 high pressure reciprocating pump for enhanced oil and gas recovery (LN2 flow up to 800 l/min at 690 bar)

7 MW compander with 3 compressor stages and 1 expander for reverse Brayton cycle

Large multi-stage vertical pumps VP330: flow 2000 - 4200 l/min up to 80 bar

Shipboard reliquefaction EcoRel (complete onboard plant) for all Qmax vessels, the largest ever build 266 000 m3 LNG carriers

In-pipe generator loaded turbine (MTG) for energy recovery in pressure let down station with high frequency synchronous generator on magnetic bearing delivering 300 kW to the grid

High pressure reciprocating pump P 20 for natural gas vehicle fuel injection

Power recovery turbines up to 10MW TG 400 and TG 500 with dry gas seal for geothermal applications in ORC and Kalina cycles


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