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Cryostar, manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. Proposes cryogenic pumps, centrifugal compressor for Industrial Gas, Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrocarbons and Clean Energy Cryostar : small scale lng
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Small Scale LNG plants


  small scale lngBased on its experience with the boil off gas re-liquefaction system onboard the LNG carriers, Cryostar now offers a range of small scale LNG or LBG plants for on shore natural gas or biogas liquefaction application.

This gives to Cryostar the possibility to supply its customers with a complete supply chain solution from the natural gas or biogas source to the end user, including the LNG trailers loading stations and LCNG/LNG or LCBG/LBG refuelling stations.

The technology relies on the principle of a closed refrigerant cycle to produce the cold power needed to condense the natural gas.

The Cryostar process solutions make possible production of LNG from different gas sources such as pipeline, renewable sources (biogas, landfills), associated and stranded gas, and coal beds/coal mines.


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